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We offer support and advice for people who have various levels of Hearing impairment.

Some are profoundly Deaf and use British Sign Language (BSL) as their form of communication whereas others use Hearing aids to support their hearing.

The Association acts as a resource centre to put those who require specialist assistance in touch with the appropriate organisation.

We run social clubs for both groups of members as well as British Sign Language (BSL)  and lip reading classes.  The BSL classes are useful not only to the Deaf but also others such as family members and professionals who come into contact with Deaf people.  We also provide a meeting place for people who have dual sensory loss (sight and hearing) .

The present day

The Deaf Community today is a thriving culture that embraces all areas for its members and the locality. The BDA (British Deaf association) promote and encourage Deaf people to develop within their culture and see no barriers to achieving goals. Deaf Communities enjoy Deaf Sports, Deaf Theatre, The National Deaf Children’s Society.  British Sign Language classes for hearing to learn and Deaf to improve if needed, Deaf Clubs and generally raise the profile of what it means to be Deaf. In particular they campaign to improve services for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

The Deaf Centre in Northgate Street provides a club for the profoundly Deaf, social events for the Deaf, Hearing Impaired and their guests.  Fund raising occasions such as lunches, Stalls, coffee mornings and signing Christmas Carols in town,